Electric motor for elevators

Many people do not know, but the elevator makes electric motor use to work. It is always good to seek to have knowledge about how things work, and you will understand that lifts you use very often on a daily basis make use of this engine in order to move the cabin.

It’s not news to anyone that the electric motors are present in an increasing segment of end applications. Likewise the motors are used in devices, they are also used in products that used in our routine.

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Even being present in different applications, the functionality that this engine offers is the same. The engine has the function of receiving electrical energy and convert it into mechanical energy. Offering mechanical energy it can meet a multitude of end applications, whenever economically and effectively. In elevators, they are already used to a long time.

Network that feeds the electric motor

Network that feeds the electric motor

Network that feeds the electric motor may have some problems. Meet these problems

The electric motor is the machine that best transforms electrical energy into mechanical, but not enough to use an electric motor that is high performance to accomplish this transformation.

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It is also essential to use the most efficient way possible, thus it will be possible to eliminate the waste of causes to make the electric motor of the use that can be caused by: internal losses, income, engine oversizing, power factor, power supply, maintenance and mechanical and repair and reconditioning losses.

The electric motor power supply is measured from the clock to the electric motor post where there will be the supply of electrical energy that is required for the electric motor operation, but this does not pass the electrical installation.

The electric motor can suffer from problems in electric motor power network because of power voltage level, voltage imbalance between the phases, power variation and frequency of presence of harmonics.

Most electric engine problems are caused by misuse

Just like any other device, the electric motor also defective. Some of these electric motor problems can be fixed, while others no good fix, because the price will be high and it will be better to purchase a new electric motor.

There are also situations that the defect is not or the electric motor, as the problem may be caused by an electrical command or the starting capacitor.

Typically, the electric motor is damaged by being used in the wrong way and this can occur when the electric motor is being without using electrical components that protect overload or location also affects the life of the electric motor hose reels reelcraft 7650.

Ideally, as there are electric motor for each of the applications, the ideal is to check the application in which the electric motor is used and if it is the best option. After that, you need to make a design of the electric motor protection equipment is used.

Single-phase electric motor

The single-phase electric motor is a very common type and used in segments that will require a low rotation. Unlike him, we have the three-phase motor that is more powerful and why it is suitable for heavier segments.

Although it is a simpler model, its function will be the same as it is to the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is possible to make use of monophasic model in different segments according to the activity that he will attend.

These single-phase models arose from the need to meet more basic processes, where the three-phase model was not as necessary. There are so many segments served by this machine that is hard to mention. Typically, the single-phase model can be found in different types of appliances which use daily. The single-phase motor is also great for many end applications and as used as the three-phase model. mro supply products

Understand what causes the vibration of the electric motor

The electric motor Koyo Bearing 28584 tends to vibrate when the electric motor suffers from a residual imbalance that is always present.
The electric motor vibrations are not caused only by rotors that are unbalanced, but by bearing and coupling systems that can cause mechanical vibration there and that means that part of the machinery that operates movements can cause vibrations in the electric motor.
The maximum vibration that can affect the rotors of the electric motor and which are caused by waste unbalanced masses are indicated by the standard 17094.
The standard specifies the amplitude of this vibration in electric motors that have a carcass from 80. The maximum vibrations are measured and expressed in millimeters per second for various housings and the three degrees of vibration quality those who are classified as N normal, reduced and special R of S.

Electric motor insulation resistance check is part of the electrical maintenance

The electric motor has a resistance to the electrical current of a stator phase as compared the other phases and the housing of the electric motor in relation to the windings.

When the electric motor is unused for a period, there is the accumulation of dust, heating coils, changes in ambient temperature and the moisture absorption causes the insulation resistance that is in the electric motor decreases and it generates called leakage current.

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Over time, the only leakage current increases and reaches a point in which is formed a short circuit between the housing and the coil or between the layers. This situation will not bring problems to the electric motor, but for the entire machine must be grounded solidly.

Understand what are the normal conditions for an electric engine to run efficiently

The electric motor is designed to operate in environments that have normal conditions defined by NBR 17094 of ABNT. These conditions classified as normal are: temperature is between zero and forty degrees altitude of up to one hundred meters above sea level, and also the absence of the atmosphere and materials that are dangerous and aggressive.


If the ambient temperature where the electric motor is placed to always be below zero or greater than forty degrees, the local altitude exceeds one hundred meters above sea level, there is no atmosphere and location have dangerous and aggressive materials, before being acquired either electric motor will need to be analyzed the specific case of that place so that the ideal electric motor is acquired and meets the needs of that application.